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Authorised Installers Of Carbon Fibre Reinforcement

We are authorised installers of the Sika range of Carbon Fibre Reinforcement. Sika has been a trustworthy, innovative and long-lasting solution to building and construction needs for over a century. Providing us with the best carbon fibre reinforcements, you can be assured of the best standard of work with high-quality materials along with our unbeatable service.

Carbon Fibre Reinforcement is used when a concrete structure needs an improved load bearing capacity. Advancements in building and construction industries have paved the way for carbon fibre to become a more effective alternative to steel. Carbon Fibre reinforcements were originally used in bridges, yet are now widely used to strengthen pillars, concrete structures, balconies and beams.

How does it work?

Sika’s carbon-fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) is available in both plates and rods to be embedded and bonded in concrete structures. CFRP plates are able to be bonded externally to masonry, concrete and timber structures, with the larger rods embedded in concrete and used as a replacement to steel.

Used in remedial work to stabilise corroded and damaged structures, the material is an extremely durable and lightweight solution. With unlimited lengths and no joinery required, the material has no-mess and no-waste application that can be custom fitted to support any size structure.

Why use it?

Carbon fibre reinforcement is a far more superior choice to use in concrete structures. Carbon’s strength to weight ratio exceeds any other material, with its strength greater than steel and its weight similar to that of plastic. Given its tensile strength, carbon fibre is resistant to fatigue and requires little preparation before installation. This allows it to become a leading choice to reinforce vibrating structures, such as bridges and structures that support heavy machinery.

Carbon fibre is not prone to rust unlike steel which minimises the risk of concrete cancer forming and requires less frequent maintenance.