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Flashing And Brickwork Repair

As experts in remedial services, we commonly see flashing and brickwork in need of repair. Most commonly found in homes and heritage listed buildings, corrosion and damage is a result of poor workmanship and exposure to weathering. In newer buildings, if brickwork or flashings are in need of immediate repair it may be from poor workmanship by previous builders.

How does it happen?

Mortar and brickwork are prone to defects in older and heritage listed buildings. Poor workmanship, weathering and water damage are common causes for brickwork to crack, stain and erode. Excess sulphur reacts with the mortar to crack the joints and slowly causes it to deteriorate. Older buildings show clear signs of defective brickwork through cracks in rendering and crumbling mortar.

Staining and slow corrosion of brickwork can be caused when water dissolves the natural calcium hydroxide (lime) on the bricks. The acidic reaction can cause a slow, unattractive build up of sediment which contributes to further corrosion in the brickwork.

Flashings are used to prevent moisture from entering a cavity or penetrating between two surfaces. Their design is purposefully made to direct water away from windows, doors and foundation walls. Constant exposure to moisture over time can start to corrode the flashing, as they are most commonly made of a metal. As the metal begins to retain moisture, corrosion begins to form to deteriorate the surrounding materials.

Why fix it?

Slow corrosion or damage to the brickwork compromises the structural integrity of a building, which creates greater opportunities for falling debris and crumbling structures. Water retention from damaged cavity flashings can lead to further damage to surrounding brickwork, which can lead to expensive repairs being required.

No job is too large or too small for our skilled and knowledgeable team. If you suspect brickwork or flashings are in need of repair, we provide the following services: