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Leak Detection And Repairs

Leaks can occur in any facility, no matter how old or new the building is. It becomes imperative that a professional detects and repairs the suspected leak as soon as possible, to protect the building from unwanted damage, health hazards and costs.

What can happen?

Whether the building is a small home or a large scaled corporate facility, a leak can impose long-term damage and major threats to structural integrity. Our team has seen numerous solvable cases of leaks in roof cavities, walls, concrete slabs, balconies, facades, and plumbing.

Leaks that penetrate through surfaces can cause cracking and shifting of foundations and structural supports, if not repaired. Stagnant water that begins to pool from untreated leaks can lead to bacterial growth and a breeding ground for insects, as well as an undesirable water bill. In worse cases, major water ingress can cause a foundation or support to completely break, causing major safety and structural threats.

Problems from undetected and untreated leaks can pose serious environmental threats. Excess moisture encourages mould and mildew to grow and spread through surfaces. Mould is known to produce toxic chemicals called mycotoxins, which are the leading cause of allergic reactions, respiratory and sinus problems.

If you suspect there is a leak in the building, common signs to look for include:

How does it work?

Our knowledgeable team is able to access damages and suspected leaks using non-invasive methods, to ensure the safety of the building and its residents is not compromised.

Our services include:

Our experienced team have have uncovered numerous cases where leaks have led to devastating effects in buildings. We advise that you contact professionals to address and detect leaks, no matter how big or small, to prevent possible disaster from occurring. The safety and health of residents is our main priority and ensuring that a building is restored to being structurally and environmentally safe.