Concrete Cancer And Concrete Spalling Repairs

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Concrete Cancer And Concrete Spalling Repairs

Concrete cancer is commonly found in aged buildings and homes with poor waterproofing and poor placement of steel reinforcements can speed up the process of concrete cancer occurring. When moisture is present in concrete, the steel supports begin to rust and deform the slab to create a spalling effect. Hi-rise apartments and multi-storey complexes in coastal areas are prone to more devastating effects, as the sea breeze speeds up the process of rust due to high moisture and salt content.

Stresses in the concrete, otherwise known as spalling, are visible from these signs:

Why fix it?

A building’s structural integrity is compromised when concrete spalling occurs, creating opportunities for falling debris and collapsing structures. Spalling is not always visible from the exterior of a building, but as the condition worsens the exterior will show signs of stains, leaking and cracking. Damaged buildings begin to look neglected and unattractive, and quickly depreciate in asset value.

Our services target the removal of damaged and defective concrete by installing reinforced steel and applying a concrete repair system.