Balustrade Replacement And Balcony Refurbishment

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Balustrade Replacement And Balcony Refurbishment

Defective balustrades and balconies can cause major safety concerns for residents and the structural integrity of a building. Like any external elements, balconies and balustrades can deplete in appearance and safety which requires frequent maintenance. Refurbishment of balustrades and balconies in older buildings is more common to meet updated safety standards and pass strata inspections.

What can happen?

Balustrades, the vertical support structures for railings and buildings, are the most common cause of safety hazards. Balcony railings and handrails are prone to giving way under pressure, due to lack of maintenance. Young children and elderly residents often rely on balustrades for safety and support, therefore severe injuries can occur if the supports are not maintained. Rusted or damaged balustrades and weakened concrete supports are the leading causes of defective balustrades.

Lack of waterproofing and poor tiling results in moisture penetrating the structure and causing concrete cancer in concrete structures. Balconies that become weakened from corroding reinforcements and concrete pose great danger to neighbouring residents or structures below. Poorly waterproofed balconies show significant signs of damage, which can include:

Why fix it?

Balconies that consist of concrete with no waterproof membrane will quickly allow water to penetrate and cause deterioration. Safety and the structural strength of a building soon become compromised once corrosion and water damage occurs.

Safety is paramount for residents of multi-storey buildings, especially for those with children and animals. New requirements state that balcony balustrades must meet a minimum of 1 metre, and handrails/stairwell balustrades to sit no less than 865mm. Without compliance to these standards, a building is deemed unsafe.

Our services include the removal and replacement of existing handrails to comply with standards and improve overall aesthetic appeal. Remedial treatments include the removal and repair of concrete cancer, waterproofing, tiling and new balustrade installation.