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Unpredictable and wild weather can truly test how well a building is waterproofed. Older buildings or poorly renovated homes tend to skimp on waterproofing of internal and external surfaces. Non-existent and ineffective waterproofing can lead to a huge impending cost to cover damages and manage issues well after the building’s construction. It becomes imperative that surfaces such as balconies, walls and flooring are waterproofed to prevent rework and further water damage to the material.

Why is it needed?

Important for both internal and external surfaces, waterproofing ensures floor coverings and walls are resistant to water damage. Often the most damage occurs when taps are left on, giving a chance for water to penetrate into porous surfaces and flood through walls and floors. Tiled rooms such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens often see tiles cracking and lifting due to water damage in past incidents.

Outdoor structures, such as balconies, are prone to water retention which can cause corrosion and weakened properties. When excess moisture is present in a balcony or concrete structure, the water ingress begins to corrode the internal steel supports to cause concrete cancer. The corrosion can pose great risk to the building’s structural integrity, with the moisture weakening supports and the exterior of buildings. Cracking surfaces, falling debris or balcony collapses are quite common for poorly waterproofed surfaces.

How does it work?

When re-working damaged surfaces, protective membranes are embedded to ensure concrete structures and coverings withstand leaks and moisture. The membranes are composed of properties such as UV resistance, fibre-reinforcement, moisture repellant and alkali-resistance to create a combined waterproof force.

The membranes are available in various forms to ensure the waterproofing is applicable to all surfaces. We offer liquid membranes, torch on membranes and sheet membranes in our remedial services.

It is integral to include waterproofing in all construction as this will prolong the health of a structure both internally and externally. Our specialised remedial team has seen the devastating effects of poorly waterproofed surfaces and know how to tackle each project, no matter how big or small.